He crawled up on the broad hedge which fenced in the farm, and which was overgrown with briers and lichen. There he sat down to think about how it would go with him, if he never became a human being again. When father and mother came home from church, there would be a surprise for them. Yes, a surprise—it would be all over the land; and people would come flocking from East Vemminghög, and from Torp, and from Skerup. The whole Vemminghög township would come to stare at him. Perhaps father and mother would take him with them, and show him at the market place in Kivik.

Nils ’s home is in Västra Vemmenhög, the town of Skurup, Scania, just 13 km from Malmö Airport. Kastrup, the larger Copenhagen Airport, can provide more international flights and is also very close. The village is just one kilometer from the 101 road connecting Malmö and Ystad.


Scania (Swedish: Skåne) is the southernmost county in Sweden and a traditional province. It is famous for its rich farmland, long history, long beaches, Danish heritage and distinguishable accents. It has 1.25 million inhabitants and is one of the most populous and densely populated areas in Sweden, with strong local characteristics.

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Malmö  is the third largest city in Sweden. It has evolved from an industrial city centered on a shipyard to a modern model of habitable communities, with one of the best bicycle infrastructures in the world.


The Öresund bridge connects Sweden to the rest of Europe, and it is also a two-way toll highway. Since the Öresund bridge is a one-way passage, it cannot change direction after passing the last exit of Denmark. Among other reasons, unless your car breaks down, parking is prohibited on the bridge. There is no public entrance to Pebholm Island where the tunnel and bridge are connected.


"What kind of a big, checked cloth is this that I'm looking down on?" said the boy to himself without expecting anyone to answer him.
But instantly the wild geese who flew about him called out: "Fields and meadows. Fields and meadows."
Then he understood that the big, checked cloth he was travelling over was the flat land of southern Sweden; and he began to comprehend why it looked so checked and multi-coloured. The bright green checks he recognised first; they were rye fields that had been sown in the fall, and had kept themselves green under the winter snows. The yellowish-gray checks were stubble-fields—the remains of the oat-crop which had grown there the summer before.The brownish ones were old clover meadows: and the black ones, deserted grazing lands or ploughed-up fallow pastures.
They came to one place where there were a number of big, clumsy-looking buildings with great, tall chimneys, and all around these were a lot of smaller houses. "This is Jordberga Sugar Refinery," cried the roosters.
Soon Jordberga was lost to sight, and they travelled towards Svedala and Skaber Lake and back again over Görringe Cloister and Häckeberga. The boy saw more of Skåne in this one day than he had ever seen before—in all the years that he had lived.