You can search almost everything that you can put on the map: POIs, boundaries, road, and also a location with precise longitude and latitude.

The search engine combines multiple sources including Google Map, OpenStreetMap, OpenRoute, etc.

In the search result list, an icon at the left of the item indicates its geometry type: Point, Polyline and Polygon.

Click at the search result item, the map view will "fly" to the location of the item. For polyline and polygon, just click the right "+" button to add it to the layer list. Then you can change the style of added item using the right style panel.

For point item, there are more possible actions: add a point, create a new polyline, create a new route, or add this point as a waypoint to current selected polyline or route.

There are two types of "line" with different internal logic. The normal polyline is a multiple segment straightly connected by points, but the "Route" is an advanced form whose path is calculated by the start point and end point, plus the optional waypoints, along the road. You can adjust the order of waypoints, add or remove waypoints in the dedicate route control panel. Every time you adjust the waypoints, the system will automatically recalculate the whole path.

Once the search result is added to the map, it is treated as a common layer. That means you can change the style of the layer in the right panel.