Mapdoc editor is a powerful tool for post author, while mapdoc viewer is especially designed for the reader for fun.

When the reader read the post, the embedded mapdoc is presented as a readonly section, with automatic scene switch and animation. Click the mapdoc view, then it will enter interactive mode and brings more interesting functionalities.

Control The Globe

You can use keyboard on PC or touch gesture on mobile devices to control the globe in the mapdoc view.

Scene Control

As we may have multiple mapdoc cards in the post, and each mapdoc card may contains several scenes, when the reader click the mapdoc view to enter the full screen interactive mode, the mapdoc viewer will be stay in the current scene. On the top of the view, there is a scene control, which enable we to switch to previous scene, next scene, start/stop the animation.

Compass and Map Direction

Sometimes it's useful to know the direction of the map, and also the compass direction. There are two small widget in the view for this purpose. The icon at the top left corner in the view indicates the direction of the map, and the widget at the bottom left corner shows the compass.

The precondition of compass works is that we need to enable the motion event for the mobile devices. So don't forget to grant the permission.

Mini Viewer

At the bottom right corner, there is a mini viewer which is used to indicate the location of the map in the entire globe. You can move, rotate, tilt the mini globe, in order to quickly go to a new location.

POI List

If the mapdoc card has some point of interesting, then the POI list panel will appear at the middle bottom of the view. The system will try to get the current geolocation of the device, and calculate the distance from each POI. Here the reader need to grant the geolocation permission for your website and your browser.

Click the name of POI, the globe will fly to the selected place, if the navigation button is clicked, then a dialog will raised to let you choose your favorite 3rd navigation application.

Current Location

When the mapdoc viewer is launched, it will try to get the current geolocation automatically in order to calculate the distance from each POI in the list. Then the user could launch the geolocation operation manually so that the map view will change the the current position of the user.

As we do not provide the continuous navigation service, so the geolocation is triggered as once a time while the button is clicked.

VR Support

We also provide the VR support for our users. Just click the VR button to enable this amazing functionality, then the user could have an immersive experience.

When the VR mode is enabled, you can still control the globe as usual, and you can also use the geolocation button to fly to the position just above your head.

Just have a try and have fun!