Mapdoc card is a presentation of a 3D map which composed by several "Scenes", a group of "Layers", and a base map imagery and terrain layer.

When you insert a "Map" card, you will see a new created map card in edit mode.

In the edit mode, you can compose your own map view. The new created map card has one default scene with Google satellite imagery and no terrain. The base imagery layer and terrain setting is shared among all scenes, that means if you need views with different base imagery and terrain settings, you will have to use multiple instance of map cards, each cards could has individual base imagery and terrain layer.

When map card lost focus, it will enter the read-only mode. Click the map card, it will switch to editable mode, and at the top of the view, you can change the view width by three types: Normal, stands for the default width of the post content; Wide, stands for a wider view more than the post content width, Full, stands for the full width of the web page. Different from the Image card, the width setting is only effective in the editor, the width of the map card in front-end view depends on the customized theme template.

The whole view is composed by three part:

The left panel is the scene list and layer list, you can add/modify/remove/re-order scenes and layers from here.

The middle panel is the earth view. you can zoom in/out, pan or tilt the view. At the top-right corner of earth panel, you can switch the base imagery layer, choice the terrain data provider, search place, road, boundary, even a location with precise longitude/latitude coordination, and add the search result to the map. Another way to add annotations like point, polyline, polygon is by drawing on the map directly.

The right panel is the attribute panel of current drawing tool or selected layer. you can change the style of current layer in there.

Thanks to the powerful Ghost editor, just like other type of cards, the mapdoc cards could be moved among the whole document using simple drag and drop, and you can even copy a map card and paste it to a new section of the post. :)

We are also take into account about the feature of copy and paste a scene or layer in one map card to another, does it make sense?


Don't forget to click the save button at the top-right corner of the earth panel, to update the mapdoc card content in the whole post. As the mapdoc content may be relatively bigger than normal section, we introduce this unique "save" behavior to map card in order to get better performance.